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I, Commander Knave, formerly known as Jake Von, have taken it upon myself to become the newest Administrator of this fine establishment known as the OSC Website. I will do the utmost in my power to make sure the OSC thrives.

If anyone would like to make some suggestions about improving the OSC's performance, I would love to hear them.

Good day, fellow Slimahkiin.
Category: General | Views: 16374 | Added by: CommanderKnave | Date: 28-06-2012 | Comments (2)

congratulations Slime Clan! we have officially reached 1,000 pages on our original discussion thread, a major achievement by any means! i'd personally like to thank everyone who helped us reach this milestone with their support and activity. may we see the thread get 2,000 pages someday as well!
Category: General | Views: 401 | Added by: August | Date: 30-12-2011 | Comments (0)

good news everyone! the Slime Clan's League of Legends thread is now up on the LoL Forums, and ready to begin gathering new prospective members from there to join the Slime Clan! 
in related news, the Minecraft Thread is nearing completion as well, so it won't be long before the Slime Clan starts getting many new members for our various focus games!
Category: General | Views: 277 | Added by: August | Date: 18-12-2011 | Comments (0)

I've been doing a lot of work on the website, getting it all ready for the unveiling of our new Threads. i must say, i'm very satisfied with the website. i'll probably distribute it to the general Clan today, and we'll have a nice test run to see how well it performs. 

Category: Website | Views: 202 | Added by: August | Date: 03-12-2011 | Comments (0)

Terraria 1.1 is Out!

it's a great day for the Slime Clan! Terraria 1.1 is finally out, after months of waiting, and Aavri already has a new server ready! Slime Clan server activity is higher than it's been for months! at the time of this writing, 10 Members are in-game. happy hunting everyone! 

Category: General | Views: 290 | Added by: August | Date: 29-11-2011 | Comments (0)

hello everyone! this is just me testing some features of our new website, here at, and i must say, i'm very happy with the results. this site has LOTS of useful features which i think we'll really come to love, especially in the field of organization and simple access. i'm really excited to see it in action, as we're just days away from the unveiling of our threads on Minecraft and League of Legends.

that's it for now; hopefully, more to come!

Category: Website | Views: 264 | Added by: August | Date: 23-11-2011 | Comments (3)

today marks the six month anniversary of the original Slime Clan thread, made by Silver on Terraria Online. the Slime Clan is now half a year old! with new threads in both Minecraft and LoL, plus the completion of this new Clan Website and the much awaited Terraria 1.1 Update right around the corner, we can expect many more good times to come! happy anniversary everyone!
Views: 250 | Added by: August | Date: 20-11-2011 | Comments (0)

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