Thursday, 18-07-2019
The Original Slime Clan
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The Original Slime Clan is a gaming group originally founded in April of this year, with the purpose of hosting a server for Terraria, a 2D indie sandbox game which holds similarities to Minecraft. The inspiration for our name comes from the various kinds of Slimes that are the most common monsters in the world of Terraria. Much of our style comes from the Slimes of classic RPGs like Dragon Quest. After our founding, the OSC continued to grow in size, at its peak achieving about 100 active Members, and totaling over 250 applicants to date. Our original Clan leader and founder, King Silver, recently stepped down, handing over leadership to Aavri.


The Slime Clan has always emphasized member involvement and player interactions. If members of the Slime Clan aren't having fun, and having fun together, then we aren't doing our job right. Everyone and anyone is welcome in the Slime Clan, we are always recruiting. The three games that comprise the core of our focus are Terraria, Minecraft, and League of Legends. Over time we intend to expand to other games as well. Different kinds of people have different preferences for games and play style, so the Slime Clan tries to be conducive to all these different types of gamers.

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