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Slime Clan Rules of Conduct

the Slime Clan is about fun, and as such we try to have as few restricting rules and such as possible. most of our rules and guidelines are mere common sense, but it's still important to read through them so you know how we operate. becoming a Slime Clan member means agreeing to follow these rules, and failure to follow them results in rescindment of Membership status with the Slime Clan. srs bzns guys.
Note: the "Council" refers to anyone in a position of authority within the Clan. that generally includes all Moderators, Admins, Division Leaders, and the Clan Leader. "Server Operators" refer to Hosts and Server Moderators, anyone in charge of  or in a position of authority on Clan Servers. the General Clan Rules apply to Servers as well.

General Clan Rules
  • No Trolling: fun and player interaction are important in the Slime Clan. as such, it is obviously not okay to troll or harass other Members. that goes for people outside of the Clan as well, we do not condone any negative conduct at all. if a Slime Clan member is caught doing such things, actions will be taken to stop this in the future.
  • Respect Your Elders: please, respect others at all times, and not just people of higher rank. 
  • The Tower of Power: the Council has authority over the Clan. they have a final say in all Clan actions and disputes. they are there to make sure things are running smoothly, so please listen to them and do what they say, it's probably the right thing to do. 
  • Activity: the Slime Clan puts emphasis on member involvement, everyone should be involved in discussions and server events. we can't do anything for you if you're never around, and the Clan doesn't grow any stronger without its members, so please take at least a little time every once in a while to be involved. it's as simple as posting on the Forum threads.
  • Fun! games are meant to be fun, so do what makes you happy! unless it breaks one of our rules, it's almost certainly okay to do. Slimes are crazy, silly, wacky creatures. the zannier the better!

 Default Server Rules
  • No Griefing: it almost goes without saying, but it is never okay to grief on our Servers. anyone found to be griefing on our Servers will be met with harsh penalties, if not simply banned from the Clan altogether.
  • Build with Discretion: in most cases, you may build wherever there is open space, unless specified by a Server Op that a certain location is off limits. if you aren't sure if a place is open for building, such as if it's close to another structure, please ask an Op to make sure. most of these building rules are rather situational, so just try and use common sense in these things.
  • Don't Land-Grab: it is okay to stake out land for yourself, but please don't go grabbing massive plots of land before you even begin on a project. 
  • Don't Steal: it is not okay to steal from others' chests. you know what chests are yours, you know what items are yours, please keep it that way. also, if a chest is public domain it would be nice to mark it so that people know it is. 
  • The Uncertainty Principal: obviously it is impossible to list every rule and direction for every possible situation, so if you have questions, make sure to ask the Server Operators. and as i've already said, it's difficult to go wrong with common sense.
  • Trash Talk: obviously, games are never without some trash talk and ample amounts of banter, and that's okay. but keep it within reason, no excessive profanity or anything. it's for the people playing with or around you to decide what "excessive" or "too far" is. 
most of our Servers have additional or alternate rules, so make sure to check them before using that Server. ask the Server Operators first, or a Council member if no Ops can be found. also, Server information is posted here for your perusal and convenience.

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